Azada - Ancient Magic

Azada - Ancient Magic

Azada: Ancient Magic is a sequel to the award-winning puzzle adventure series
3.5  (6 votes)

Azada: Ancient Magic is the second installment of the incredible game Azada but this time you have to help Titus solve the mystery that is hovering over the books in his Great Uncle Argus's library, which is causing their characters to act in a strange way. To achieve this, you must solve the each of the books' puzzles. The gameplay involves interaction with objects in the different scenes like picking or adding them to your inventory for later use. Unlike the original, in Ancient Magic there are puzzles that span multiple pages of the book, and sometimes an item found in one page will be used in another. Another difference is that now you have 21 books to explore, not one like in the original. The game also includes good mini-games that you can play as many times as you want. Another interesting feature of this new game is that if you get stuck on a particular puzzle on a certain book, you can leave it and select another from the library. The graphics and sound effects are incredible, and amazing orchestral soundtracks that vary with the different books. Also, the story is fairly compelling and interesting. Azada: Ancient Magic is an incredible puzzle/ adventure game that definitely deserves a try. It supports Windows XP/Vista.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great interaction with objects and characters. Amazing graphics and sound effects. Interesting story. New multipage puzzles. Fun mini-games


  • Relatively short for experienced players
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